It’s a Whole New Ballgame With ASBA!

The all-new women’s professional softball league ASBA is hitting it out of the park with more and more high-caliber players registering for the draft every day!

ASBA emerged from the vision of CEO and Chairman, Michael Chiaradio, who saw a void in the opportunities for post-college softball players. The league is being built from the bottom up and is based on a revenue-sharing model that puts the players on an even playing field with the organization. There is no ceiling on earning potential, revenue is split equally between teams and the 2018 players receive founders’ shares in the company.

The ASBA business model is resonating with professional softball players as well as current college standouts as they register for the draft which will be held on June 6.

Among the professional players who have registered are RT Cantillo, NPF Champion and Ole Miss (2014) superstar; Emily Vincent (McNeese 2016), Ruby Rivera (University of Illinois 2016) Shelby Hiers (Arkansas 2017), and Maddy Grimm (Kent State 2017), and Rebecca Arbino (Texas A&M / San Diego State 2013), Big 12 pitcher, coach and professional player.

Also registered for the draft are dominant players Elantra Cox (Ole Miss), Kendyl Scott (Towson), Rachel Carlson (University of Maine), Cassady Knudsen (Mississippi State), Caroline Seitz (Mississippi State), Tiara Norman (Claflin University ), Jamie Johnson (UNC Pembroke), Holly Ward (Mississippi State), Sydney O’Hara, (Syracuse University), Kaylee Fox (Trine University), Allison Barbee (Southern Wesleyan), Makayla Reed (Belhaven University), Savannah Settle (Louisiana College), and Gabriel Antolak (University of Minnesota, Crookston).

“We have pros, we have superstars and we have good solid players, all of whom will do their part in taking professional women’s softball to the next level,” said Chiaradio. “I couldn’t be happier with the enthusiasm and support we’ve gotten for the ASBA so far.”

The inaugural summer season is based in Mobile, Alabama and will run from June 15 through July 31, 2018.

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ASBA Welcomes Outkast as League Sponsor

Mobile, Alabama – April 23, 2018 – The ASBA is pleased to announce a partnership with Outkast, a travel softball organization that uses fastpitch softball to emphasize self-esteem, commitment, and knowledge. Outkast will be awarded a team’s uniform rights as well as second pick in the 2018 ASBA Summer League Draft.

“We are super excited to be a part of this awesome opportunity and to be able to share this experience with all of our Outkast families.” said Krista Rodden, Outkast’s President.

Outkast currently has six teams in the Mobile area. Information on tryouts can be found on their website,, and on their Facebook @outkasttravelsoftball.

The ASBA is a women’s professional softball league competing in Mobile, AL. The 2018 Summer League marks the first season of the ASBA’s existence. All home games will be played at Texas Street Park and all players 12 and under who wear their softball jersey to games are free with adult admission.

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ASBA Welcomes NPF Champion, Former BIG 12 Pitcher, Towson University Powerhouse Centerfielder and Talladega College Head Coach to the League.

ASBA Welcomes NPF Champion, Former Big 12 Pitcher, Towson University Powerhouse Centerfielder and Talladega College Head Coach to the League.

Mobile, AL hosts inaugural summer season beginning June 15, 2018

Mobile, Alabama – April 9, 2018 – The American Softball Association (ASBA) is pleased to announce the first registrants for the summer draft of their all-new women’s professional softball league. The draft will be held June 6, 2018 and will be aired live on the ASBA Network.

In recognizing the void in opportunities for post-college softball players, the ASBA has created a professional women’s softball league that will debut in Mobile this summer.

“We are beyond excited that players of this caliber are reaching out to us,” said Michael Chiaradio, CEO and Chairman of Pro SB Club, Inc., which is ASBA’s parent company. “The young women who are registering for the draft are Division I players, professionals, coaches, and college stand-outs. That speaks volumes for the credibility and future potential of the league.”

Among the first registrants are RT Cantillo, NPF Champion, 2015; Rebecca Arbino, Big 12 pitcher, 2013; Allison Barbee, Southern Wesleyan, 2016 and current head coach at Talledega College; Makayla Reed, current player at Belhaven University; Rachel Carlson, current outfielder for University of Maine and Kendyl Scott current center fielder for Towson University.

RT Cantillo won a 2015 NPF Championship with the Chicago Bandits after graduating from Ole Miss in 2014. Her storied career includes NFCA All-Region First Team, All-SEC Second Team and SEC Academic Honor Roll awards, and a PGF Championship. She holds records in 13 offensive categories at Ole Miss. RT coached with the Explosion Organization in Southern California and also ran camps and clinics in both California and Louisiana. She is currently an assistant softball coach at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

Rebecca Arbino, who pitched at Texas A&M and San Diego State, went on to play professionally in Italy where she enjoyed a National Championship and boasted a 0.00 ERA throughout the entire post season. While in college she had a season in which she allowed zero earned runs in over 30 consecutive games, was named Big 12 Pitcher of the Week on multiple occasions, earned Mountain West Conference Pitcher of the Year and ended up with 82 career wins and an ERA of 2.08. Rebecca was an assistant coach at UNLV and is currently interim head coach at University of Minnesota Crookston.

Allison Barbee is a 2016 Southern Wesleyan University graduate who hit 39 homeruns over the course of her college career. She was named Player of the Week numerous times, earned many all-conference awards and holds records in RBI and Homerun categories. Allison, at 23-years- old, is currently the head coach at Talladega College in Alabama.

Makayla Reed currently plays at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi where she leads her team in RBI, total bases and slugging percentage as well as a two-time Conference Watch List honoree.

Rachel Carlson plays outfield at University of Maine and will graduate this spring. In 2017 she earned First Team America East All-Conference and started all 44 games. She was the team leader in hitting, runs, hits, stolen bases and on-base percentage. Rachel tallied a team-high 15 multi-hit games and posted Maine’s longest reached base streak of the year with 18.

Kendyl Scott plays centerfield at Towson University and will graduate in May 2018. As one of the most dynamic players in the CAA, she has led her school in multiple categories. She has earned First Team All-CAA and third team NFCA All-Region awards and was named to the All-CAA Tournament team. During her college career she has consistently hit over .300, tied the CAA lead in triples in 2017 and was 76th nationally in triples per game. Kendyl is a member of the British National Softball Team.

The ASBA is a women’s professional softball league debuting in Mobile, AL. For more information on registering for the Player Draft, please contact us at

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Moh-BEEL! USA Partners With The ASBA

Mobile, Alabama – April 9, 2018 – The ASBA is pleased to announce a partnership with Moh-BEEL! USA, a local community outreach program. Moh-BEEL! USA will be awarded a team’s uniform rights and be the official ASBA Host Family Sponsor for Mobile, AL.

“We are glad to be a sponsor of the inaugural season! The ASBA’s focus on providing opportunities for women in Mobile is something we are proud to be a part of.” said Fred Sims, Moh-BEEL USA!’s Vice President. “Congratulations to the ASBA and we are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor a team.”

Founded in 2017, Moh-BEEL! USA has sponsored local youth basketball events, aided the city in the post-Mardi Gras cleanup, and much more. For more information on Moh-BEEL! USA visit their Facebook page @mohBEELusa.

The ASBA is a women’s professional softball league competing in Mobile, AL. The 2018 Summer League marks the first season of the ASBA’s existence. All home games will be played at Texas Street Park and all players 12 and under who wear their softball jersey to games are free with adult admission.

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Everything You Need To Know About The ASBA

What is the ASBA?

The American Softball Association (ASBA) is the hottest new league in women’s sports, offering an exciting alternative for softball players looking to turn pro.


Traditionally, the end of college has meant the end of the road for many elite softball players. Opportunities to play professionally have been largely limited and the odds high. The ASBA has tapped into that void, creating a league that not only promotes competition but encourages both physical and mental growth and development.

When is the ASBA season?

The ABSA’s main season is the Summer League which runs from mid-June through the end of July. The Winter League is a shorter season, running for a month beginning in mid-December. The Fall Tour is comprised of a series of regional weekend tournaments.

Where do we play?

Games for ASBA’s inaugural Summer Season will be based in Mobile, Alabama, a self-proclaimed funky, feisty, and festive coastal town touted as the cultural center of the Gulf Coast.

How much will I get paid?

The ASBA was built on a revenue-sharing model that guarantees all Softball Related Income (SRI) be distributed equally between the teams and the league.

The team portion of SRI is divided evenly across the board to pay salaries, while the league portion is reinvested for the sole purpose of bettering the program.

What makes the ASBA unique is that there is absolutely NO CEILING on earning potential. There will never be a limit placed on the amount a player can make in the program.

So, what falls under SRI?

Just about everything! Knowing that the ultimate success of the league is contingent on player satisfaction, the ASBA is committed to the continual exploration of new revenue sources as well as growing those currently in place, such as:

  • ALL Summer League, Winter League and Fall Tour ticket sales.
  • ALL proceeds from the ASBA Network and any/all other broadcast avenues retained.
  • ALL proceeds from concessions, parking, local sponsorship agreements and merchandise sales.

Player Bonuses and Playoff Pay

Each active player will receive the same percentage of the team’s allocated revenue as base pay. After all base pay is distributed, the remaining monies will be paid out in the form of performance incentives. All active players are eligible for bonuses based on hitting and / or pitching performance.

Any revenue earned during a playoff series will be divided between the two competing teams with two-thirds of the money awarded to the winner.

How do I earn shares in the league?

To show our appreciation and acknowledge your support of ASBA’s inaugural season, every player who is invited to register in 2018 will receive ownership shares in our parent company, The Professional Softball Club, Inc. For more details on how shares are allocated, CLICK HERE.

What costs are covered by ASBA?

ASBA provides players with uniforms, helmets and visors. ASBA provides housing for players competing in the Summer and Winter Leagues, only. Players are responsible for their own travel, equipment and food expenses.

Am I eligible?

In collaboration with the NCAA Eligibility Center, ASBA will determine whether you are a player in good standing. In keeping with ASBA’s commitment to always putting education first, only seniors and players who have exhausted all college eligibility will be permitted to register. If you have any questions on your eligibility, contact the ASBA at

Will I get drafted?

We hope so! But, remember that the ASBA is a competitive, professional softball league in which only the top players are selected. However, once you are registered, you remain in ASBA’s draft pool until you opt out. If you are not drafted to the Summer League, it’s possible that you will be picked up by a team in the Winter League or as a player in the Fall Tour.

When is the draft?

The Summer League Draft will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 4 pm CT. Be sure to watch live on ASBA Network.

When is opening day?

Opening day is Friday, June 15, 2018 and all drafted players are expected to be in Mobile by June 14.

For more information, please contact:

Let’s Play Ball!

Mobile, AL Hosts Inaugural Summer Season Beginning June 15, 2018



American Softball Assoication

MOBILE, ALABAMA – The American Softball Association (ASBA) is the hottest new league in women’s sports, offering an exciting alternative for softball players looking to turn pro. Michael Chiaradio, CEO and Founder of parent company, Pro Softball Club, Inc., recognized the need for another professional softball outlet.

“Traditionally, the end of college has meant the end of the road for elite softball players,” said Chiaradio. “Opportunities to play professionally have been largely limited and the odds high. The ASBA has tapped into that void.”

The league will initially consist of four teams that will compete in Mobile, Alabama from June 15 through July 31, 2018. The player draft will take place on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 10 PM ET.

“We are thrilled that the ASBA chose Mobile as their home base,” said Shadrack Collins, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation for the City of Mobile. “The league opens up internship opportunities for those interested in a career in athletics, offers a family-friendly summer activity and, with the ASBA Network, showcases our city to the rest of the country. It’s a win-win for all of us. We look forward to welcoming these young women and the entire league to Mobile this June.”

The ASBA was built on a revenue-sharing model that guarantees an equal distribution between players and the league. Salaries will be paid from all softball related income which includes, but is not limited to ticket sales, proceeds from the ASBA Network, concessions, local sponsorship agreements, and merchandise sales.

“We look at this as a cooperative venture. We split all monies 50/50 with the teams and reinvest our portion into growing and developing the league. We look forward to forming lasting relationships with local merchants and businesses,” Chiaradio said.

The ASBA is also looking for community support in housing players this summer. Host families need only to provide a private bedroom and bureau or closet. Hosts are not required to feed, transport, or in any way finance the players.

“The impact that host families and players make on each other’s lives is immeasurable, with relationships often lasting a lifetime,” said Joseph Donaldson, the company’s Chief Branding Officer and a Mobile native.

ASBA’s holistic approach to the game assures that a player’s success extends far beyond the field. Fastpitch softball is used as a vehicle to promote general well-being, provide safe social stimulation and reinforce emotional health. By focusing on education, community involvement and mentorship, the ASBA empowers young women to be both productive and benevolent members of society.

Recognizing that every pro was once just a kid playing softball, ASBA Futures will enhance those young players’ lives by hosting youth tournaments in California and Louisiana, beginning this summer.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re ready to play ball!” says Chiaradio.

The ASBA is a professional women’s softball league debuting in Mobile, Alabama this June.
If you would like more information about the ASBA or how to host a player, please contact us at