Alabama Youth Sports Combine Named Official Training Partner for ASBA

Mobile, Alabama – June 11, 2018 – ASBA is pleased to announce Alabama Youth Sports Combine as the Official Training Partner for the league. The Alabama Youth Sports Combine is a 20,000 square foot sports training and adult fitness facility. It offers sports performance, skills training, group fitness classes and personal training programs, focusing on the importance of proper diet and nutrition in tandem with physical activity.

“The Combine is an incredible facility,” said Michael Chiaradio, CEO and Chairman of ASBA. “It’s exactly the kind of place we want to be affiliated with. It’s not all glitz and high-tech like so many gyms are these days. The staff is amazing and knows exactly how to bring out the best in every athlete. I know our players will benefit from this partnership.”

The ASBA is a women’s professional softball league debuting on June 15, 2018. Four teams will compete daily through the end of July at Satsuma High School , 1 Gator Circle, Satsuma, AL. For the full schedule, Click Here. Admission is $5 and anyone 12 years-old or younger who wears a baseball or softball jersey will get in for free.

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ASBA Launches Live Network To Cover All-New Professional Women’s Softball League

Mobile, Alabama –June 5, 2018 – The American Softball Association (ASBA) is pleased to announce the launch of ASBA Network, a subscription-based online network that will stream games live, air pre- and post-game interviews and provide other pertinent content for softball fans and players.

“ASBA Network is a key part of our league,” said Michael Chiaradio, CEO and Chairman of ASBA. “Our goal is to profile the players as much as possible. We want them to become household names, not just in Mobile, but around the country. We want to promote professional softball for what it is – a great game played by amazing athletes.”

ASBA will play an intensive six-week schedule with one to two games daily at Satsuma High School’s softball field. The high school is located at 1 Gator Circle, Satsuma, AL. The first game will start each evening at 5 pm Central with the second game scheduled for 7:15. Sundays are scheduled for 2 pm and 4:15 with the season running from June 15 through July 31, 2018.

Admission to the game is $5 per person, one price for both games. Any child 12-years-old or younger who wears a softball or baseball jersey will get in free of charge. All proceeds from game and event admissions and concessions as well as ASBA Network subscriptions are split evenly between the players and the league which operates on a revenue-sharing model.

“The Mobile community has really embraced this league. We have dozens of families who are hosting our players and local merchants and businesses couldn’t be more supportive. ASBA brings a whole new family-friendly summer activity to Mobile. Our players are accessible and so very appreciative of their fans. They will serve as terrific role models for youth across the country.”

ASBA encourages local media to cover and report on the games. Coaches and players will be available daily for press conferences and interviews.

“Though we will stream all the games live on ASBA Network, nothing builds excitement in the community like local coverage. We will do everything possible to forge strong relationships with news sources who will help give softball the coverage it deserves.”

ASBA has over 90 players registered for the Summer League Draft which will be held Wednesday, June 6 at 4 pm CT at Moe’s Original Bar B Que, 701 Spring Hill Avenue, Mobile. The public is invited to attend the draft and a $5 donation is requested.

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