ASBA Announces Return of E1 Prospects as Sponsor

MOBILE, ALABAMA – The American Softball Association (ASBA) is pleased to announce the return of sponsor, E1 Prospects, for the 2019 season. E1 Prospects is a fastpitch softball organization and recruiting service that increases exposure and promotes prospects to college coaches through individual skills videos, tournaments, showcases and camps.

“Teaming up with E1 Prospects is a win-win. They’re a great organization and, like ASBA, they promote softball as a sport and a professional option,” said Michael Chiaradio, CEO of ASBA. “We couldn’t be happier to have them back.”

The E1 Prospects will once again sponsor the E1 Pro Ballers team and they will select first overall in the 2019 draft after a last place finish in 2018.

“2018 was a great year for professional softball and the ASBA. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store,” said Chiaradio. “We value E1 as an organization because they develop and guide youth players as they rise through the ranks. Our partnership shows the girls that playing professional ball can be more than a dream. It can be their reality.”

The ASBA is built on a revenue-sharing model that guarantees an equal distribution between players and the league. Salaries are paid from all softball related income which includes, but is not limited to, ticket sales, proceeds from the ASBA Network, local sponsorship agreements, and merchandise sales.

The ASBA is a professional women’s softball league returning to Satsuma, Alabama for its second year in June and is looking for additional host families and local sponsors for the 2019 season.

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