The American Softball Association (ASBA) is back for Season Two

Mobile, Alabama – The countdown begins! With less than three months to go, the American Softball Association (ASBA) is gearing up for a second season, beginning with the ASBA Draft on Wednesday, June 5 at 4 pm CT.

The 2019 ASBA Draft will once again be held at Moe’s Original BBQ, 701 Spring Hill Ave, in Mobile, AL. This event generates a great deal of excitement as high-caliber softball players from across the country are chosen to fill the ASBA rosters.

“We look forward to our second year in the Mobile area and we will be making tweaks based on our 2018 experience,” said Michael Chiaradio, CEO of ASBA. “We have been overwhelmed by the incredible support from the community and look forward to working together for years to come.”

The ASBA is a women’s softball organization founded in 2018 that showcases the best players from across the country and gives women the opportunity to pursue softball on the professional stage.

The league will again feature four teams this summer with expansion projected for the 2020 season.

“We have to be smart about growth and cautious about getting too big too fast. We are continually analyzing data, conferring with players and consulting experts on when and where to expand. It is definitely in our future, but this year our focus is on enhancing all aspects of the player’s experience and building relationships and credibility with the softball community on a national level,” said Chiaradio.

Eligible draftees are expected to exceed last year’s numbers with over 60 players already registered. This number includes returning players, 2019 college graduates and other newcomers.

ASBA will kick off 2019 on Friday, June 14 at Pat Hicks Field with four teams playing a five-day-a-week schedule throughout the six-week regular season. The ASBA All-Star Game will be held on Saturday, July 13 and the playoffs start on Friday, July 27. The full schedule can be accessed below:

2019 ASBA Schedule

All games and the ASBA Draft will be aired live on the ASBA Network.

ASBA is looking for host families and league sponsors for the 2019 season!

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