Everything You Need To Know About The ASBA

What is the ASBA?

The American Softball Association (ASBA) is the hottest new league in women’s sports, offering an exciting alternative for softball players looking to turn pro.


Traditionally, the end of college has meant the end of the road for many elite softball players. Opportunities to play professionally have been largely limited and the odds high. The ASBA has tapped into that void, creating a league that not only promotes competition but encourages both physical and mental growth and development.

When is the ASBA season?

The ABSA’s main season is the Summer League which runs from mid-June through the end of July. The Winter League is a shorter season, running for a month beginning in mid-December. The Fall Tour is comprised of a series of regional weekend tournaments.

Where do we play?

Games for ASBA’s inaugural Summer Season will be based in Mobile, Alabama, a self-proclaimed funky, feisty, and festive coastal town touted as the cultural center of the Gulf Coast.

How much will I get paid?

The ASBA was built on a revenue-sharing model that guarantees all Softball Related Income (SRI) be distributed equally between the teams and the league.

The team portion of SRI is divided evenly across the board to pay salaries, while the league portion is reinvested for the sole purpose of bettering the program.

What makes the ASBA unique is that there is absolutely NO CEILING on earning potential. There will never be a limit placed on the amount a player can make in the program.

So, what falls under SRI?

Just about everything! Knowing that the ultimate success of the league is contingent on player satisfaction, the ASBA is committed to the continual exploration of new revenue sources as well as growing those currently in place, such as:

  • ALL Summer League, Winter League and Fall Tour ticket sales.
  • ALL proceeds from the ASBA Network and any/all other broadcast avenues retained.
  • ALL proceeds from concessions, parking, local sponsorship agreements and merchandise sales.

Player Bonuses and Playoff Pay

Each active player will receive the same percentage of the team’s allocated revenue as base pay. After all base pay is distributed, the remaining monies will be paid out in the form of performance incentives. All active players are eligible for bonuses based on hitting and / or pitching performance.

Any revenue earned during a playoff series will be divided between the two competing teams with two-thirds of the money awarded to the winner.

How do I earn shares in the league?

To show our appreciation and acknowledge your support of ASBA’s inaugural season, every player who is invited to register in 2018 will receive ownership shares in our parent company, The Professional Softball Club, Inc. For more details on how shares are allocated, CLICK HERE.

What costs are covered by ASBA?

ASBA provides players with uniforms, helmets and visors. ASBA provides housing for players competing in the Summer and Winter Leagues, only. Players are responsible for their own travel, equipment and food expenses.

Am I eligible?

In collaboration with the NCAA Eligibility Center, ASBA will determine whether you are a player in good standing. In keeping with ASBA’s commitment to always putting education first, only seniors and players who have exhausted all college eligibility will be permitted to register. If you have any questions on your eligibility, contact the ASBA at asba.softball@gmail.com.

Will I get drafted?

We hope so! But, remember that the ASBA is a competitive, professional softball league in which only the top players are selected. However, once you are registered, you remain in ASBA’s draft pool until you opt out. If you are not drafted to the Summer League, it’s possible that you will be picked up by a team in the Winter League or as a player in the Fall Tour.

When is the draft?

The Summer League Draft will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 4 pm CT. Be sure to watch live on ASBA Network.

When is opening day?

Opening day is Friday, June 15, 2018 and all drafted players are expected to be in Mobile by June 14.

For more information, please contact:


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