Pro SB Club announces “American Softball Association”

(Nov. 29, 2017) Welcome to the American Softball Association’s official website. The Professional Softball Club, Inc. today announced that they are launching a professional softball league in 2018. Details surrounding the league are still uncertain but Senior Vice President, Joseph Donaldson, assures supporters that rapid progress will be made and “it will be fun to track.” The overall goal is to build a great product that fans will be proud of.

In the coming weeks, the new league is expected to announce a more specific infrastructure, a location, and coaches.

About the American Softball Association

The American Softball Association is a subsidiary of the Professional Softball Club, Inc. The league will emphasize winning softball games, showcasing the talent of top-caliber players, and offering affordable family entertainment. The American Softball Association is also the only professional softball league in an active expansion.

About the Professional Softball Club, Inc. 

The Professional Softball Club, Inc. is dedicated to building and developing the professional platform for women in sports. The company seeks to change the culture surrounding female athletes turning professional. It is the Professional Softball Club, Inc.’s mission to create an infrastructure with upwards of 20 teams where players can earn a livable wage.

The corporation has private “Professional Softball Club” shares currently available for $20 each under a Regulation D offering. For more information on the Professional Softball Club, visit:

Website: – Facebook: @ProSBclub – Twitter: @ProSBclub

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