Become an ASBA Host Family

The American Softball Association (ASBA) is an all-new, fastpitch women’s softball league that gives college graduates an opportunity to continue playing the game they love.

We are currently looking for host families in the Mobile, AL area for the 2019 Summer Season which runs from June 14 through July 31.

Hosting a player is a fun way for community members to support our teams and is crucial to the success of our league. Most players are recent college graduates with limited resources, so alleviating the burden of paying rent is a huge plus.

As a host, all you need to provide is a private bedroom, a bureau or closet and a little bit of kindness. If a family is willing to take on more than one player, the players can share a room, though we ask that they have separate beds. Hosts are not required to feed, transport, or in any way finance the players.

ASBA team members are interesting, educated, independent, and cooperative young women who will no doubt capture your family’s heart. The impact you will make on each other’s lives is immeasurable, with relationships lasting a lifetime.

Host families enjoy FREE season tickets for all members of the household!

To apply to be a host family, please CLICK HERE.

Contact Us, We are happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.