2019 Season

June 17, 2019:

The Performance Lab: Claimed C Shelby Alcorn off waivers

The Performance Lab: Placed C Courtney Reeves on Bereavement List

The Field: Released OF Kasey Frederick

The Field: Activated  OF Hannah Ivester

June 8, 2019:

Moh-BEEL! USA: Activated SS/OF Sydney Olander

June 7, 2019:

The Performance Lab: Activated P Abbey Pratt

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released P Shannon Buffington

The Field: Released P Hannah Bandimere

The Field: Released OF Anna Williams

The Field: Released P Stephanie Pepper

The Field: Activated MIF Leah Mele

The Field: Activated P Arianna Young

The Field: Activated OF Brianna Billie

The Field: Activated P Caitlin Perry

June 6, 2019:

The Field: Released IF Sandra Mendoza

The Field: Released IF Courtney Gilbert

The Performance Lab: Released IF Jonnie Petree

The Performance Lab: Released 1B Hailey Stewart

The Performance Lab: Released OF Rachel Wright

The Performance Lab: Released C Natassja Hatcher

The Performance Lab: Activated P/1B Christina Dark

The Performance Lab: Activated 3B/OF Brooke Hoffsommer

The Performance Lab: Activated 2B/OF Xiarysse Emerenciana

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released IF Nicole Lopez

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released IF Kori Keyes

Moh-BEEL! USA: Activated CIF Laurisa Hernandez

Moh-BEEL! USA: Activated P Gabby Johnson

2018 Season

July 28, 2018

Future 1s: Activated OF Izzy McCurry and moved IF Madison Labrador to the On-Call list

July 25, 2018

Future 1s: Activate IF Ruby Rivera and move OF Izzy McCurry to On-Call list

July 24, 2018

Future 1s: Activate P Rebecca Arbino and move IF Ruby Rivera to On-Call list

July 22, 2018

E1 Pro Ballers: Activate Jamie Johnson and move P Kaitlyn Guevara to the On-Call list

Future 1s: Activate P Kayla Jordan and move P Rebecca Arbino to On-Call list

July 19, 2018

E1 Pro Ballers: Release OF Kendyl Scott and place IF Jamie Johnson and C Julia Gilbert on the On-Call list

E1 Pro Ballers: Trade IF Ashlyn Lyons to Future 1s for IF Makayla Reed and move Makayla Reed to the Active roster

E1 Pro Ballers: Activate P Kelsie Batten

July 18, 2018

Future 1s: Claim P Kayla Jordan off waivers

E1 Pro Ballers: Claim P Kelsie Batten off waivers

July 16, 2018

Outkast: Traded P Katlin Bryars to E1 Pro Ballers for P Holly Ward

E1 Pro Ballers: Moved P Katlin Bryars to the active roster

E1 Pro Ballers: Place OF Kendyl Scott and OF Jenna Charnock on the On-Call list

E1 Pro Ballers: Claim IF Kaitlyn Maloney off waivers and move to Active Roster

July 8, 2018

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released P Kalen McGill

July 1, 2018

Future 1s: Moved Makayla Reed to On-Call list and Activated Alicia Brown to Active Roster

June 30, 2018

Future 1s: Activated IF Madison Labrador

Outkast: Placed 1B Lauren Stewart on the Active Roster

Future 1s: Traded 1B Lauren Stewart to Outkast for OF Kalee Sparks

Future 1s: Moved 1B Lauren Stewart to the On-Call list

Moh-BEEL! USA: Activated P Kassidy Klaphake

Moh-BEEL! USA: Activated P Kalen McGill

June 28, 2018

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released P Sydney O’Hara

E1 Pro Ballers: Released OF Sarah Murphy

E1 Pro Ballers: Placed P Holly Ward on On-Call list

June 27, 2018

E1 Pro Ballers: Moved Elicia D’Orazio to the On-call list and placed Jenna Charnock on the Active Roster

June 22, 2018

Future 1s: Claimed IF Madison Labrador off Waivers

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released P Savannah Settle

June 18, 2018

Moh-BEEL! USA: Traded SS Malea Maye to E1 Pro Ballers for SS Emily Lochten

June 15, 2018

Outkast: Released P Tiaria Norman

Future 1s: Moved 1B Lauren Stewart from On-Call list to Active Roster

Future 1s: Moved 3B/OF Alicia Brown from Active Roster to On-Call list

June 9, 2018

E1 Pro Ballers: Released SS Jacqueline Roof

E1 Pro Ballers: Moved OF Sarah Murphy from Active roster to On-Call list

E1 Pro Ballers: Moved C Julia Gilbert from On-Call list to Active roster

E1 Pro Ballers: Placed 2B Sabrina Tebou on On-Call list

Moh-BEEL! USA: Traded C Alyssa Richards to Outkast in exchange for C Tess Soefje

Outkast: Released C Alyssa Richards

June 8, 2018

Outkast: Traded SS McKayla Taylor (Pittsburgh) to E1 Pro Ballers in exchange for C Alyx Bloom (UMKC)

E1 Pro Ballers: Traded C Alyx Bloom (UMKC) to Outkast in exchange for SS McKayla Taylor (Pittsburgh)

Moh-BEEL! USA: Released 1B Sydney Lahners (Pacific)

Future 1s: Released 2B Kylee Lahners (Washington)

Future 1s: Released OF Sahrina Cortes (Tampa)