Why choose American Softball Association (ASBA)?

Article By: Matt Jordon


For those of you who don’t know the ASBA is a professional softball league in Mobile, Alabama. The ASBA’s inaugural season was last year in 2018. The league is giving extraordinary women the chance to play professional softball. The league includes top athletes from Division 1 universities to NAIA colleges, with each and every player deserving to put on a uniform every night.

The league has a vision, while they’re on their way towards that vision, why not support a league that stands for equality and giving athletes a chance to follow their dreams. We’ve all had aspirations to accomplish something great with our lives and this league is providing these athletes the chance to live out their dreams.

What was once a dream for these women has now become a reality. Each and every one of these women puts on a show each and every night in the ASBA. So if you’re in the area of Mobile, Alabama go check out a game and support these athletes at 1 Gator Circle, Satsuma AL.

And tune into the ASBA Network .

In advance, you’re welcome.