ASBA Launches New Real Estate Investment Platform

Mobile, Alabama – The ASBA is excited to announce the formation of ASBA Real Estate Investments. ASBA Real Estate Investments has entered into a partnership agreement with a consortium of investors to purchase homes in the Mobile, Alabama area. Under the agreement, the ASBA holds a minority stake in the properties and retains rights to utilize the homes for housing athletes and other league-related purposes. To date, ASBA Real Estate has purchased two single-family homes with the intent to increase the number in 2019.

“The Mobile area is one of the most attractive places in the nation to buy real estate under current conditions and this partnership provides tremendous value to our shareholders,” said Michael Chiaradio, CEO of the ASBA. “I hope we can continue to attract capital and drive further growth to advance our commitments in the city and to the game of softball.”

ASBA Real Estate Investments has created the offering to allow investors to access the asset class at a fraction of the cost, regardless of income, credit history, or net worth.

“Our platform is designed to give people who may not otherwise have the ability or desire to invest in real estate an opportunity to do so at a low cost,” noted Chiaradio. “ASBA Real Estate investors are aligning themselves with a company that has strong, sustainable growth potential based on continuous innovation, excellent regional location, and forward-thinking financial savvy.”

ASBA Real Estate Investments will sponsor a team in the ASBA this summer, inheriting the second overall pick.

ASBA Real Estate Investments is a low-cost investment platform that gives individuals the opportunity to invest in private real estate. All investors are treated as partners and there are no associated fees.

To learn more about ASBA Real Estate Investments, CLICK HERE to check out their website.

ASBA is a professional women’s softball league returning to Satsuma, Alabama for its second year in June and is looking for additional host families and local sponsors for the 2019 season.

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