Moh-BEEL USA! Comes in Clutch in the Championship despite being out-hit by the Performance Lab

Article By: Hannah Ivester


The weather was sunny and 85 when Coach Will Hess of Moh-BEEL! USA met with Coach Kirstyn Joiner of the Performance Lab before the final game of the ASBA season. The sunshine glinted off of the coin as commentator Dallas Renzi flipped it up. Hess had called heads prior to the toss, and heads it was, giving Moh-BEEL! USA the home field advantage. And it sure would come in handy, as Moh-BEEL! USA wins the championship by a one run margin in the tight 4-3 game.

Performance Lab would draw first blood off a 2-run RBI single from Jamie Johnson, scoring both of the Emerenciana Twins (Xiarysse and Shanysse) after they each had stolen a base. Not to be outdone, Maddy Grimm would send one out to left center field to score herself and Ashley Razey. After the exciting first inning, the game would stay locked at 2 a piece until Courtney Reeves sent one of her own out of the yard in the fourth. Moh-BEEL! answered back in the fifth with a 2-out double from Kaleigh Todd, who would score on an RBI single off the bat of Ashley Razey. Maddy Grimm would then score Stephanie Texeira on a single, after she was awarded a free base from Alison Lipovsky. 

The no-decision game saw two different pitchers from Moh-BEEL! USA, starting Stephanie Texeira, who threw two innings giving up 5 hits and retiring one on a strikeout. Coming in relief was Gabby Johnson, completing the final 5 innings with 6 hits given up and 4 strikeouts of her own. Allison Lipovsky went the distance for Performance Lab giving up only 7 hits to the powerful offense from Moh-BEEL! USA. Those 7 hits were timely enough to put Moh-BEEL! USA up and give them the championship title. 

Congratulations to Moh-BEEL! USA, coach Will Hess, and special congratulations to the postseason MVP Ashley Razey! Razey garnered the honors by going 7-for-11 with 4 runs scored, 4 RBI, and 2 home runs in the postseason. 

The ASBA will be back in action next year starting in June! Until then, stay connected on social media and follow @ASBASoftball on twitter and Instagram, or find American Softball Association on Facebook!